We are now very much anticipated to know which bike it is. And our initial guess is, if Honda is really thinking about the competition then they can roll out their best bikes, and it can be Honda Rebel 300. But HMSI is saying that the bike will be totally different from their Global portfolio. Being said it is not going to be Rebel but we hope it will be a bike everyone will be looking forward to. And according to sources, they are totally manufacturing it in India locally. But the thing is, it will ready only by 2020 and that 3 years from now. Let us hope for the best motorcycle on the road.

(Photo: Honda Rebel 300)

Mr. Minoru Cato President and CEO of Honda India said:

Honda has many products in the line-up in the middleweight capacity of 300 cc or 400 cc products in other countries. But if you look at the price range in this country, our competitors’ strategy is amazing; it’s very difficult to compete. If we introduce a product from the existing line-up which is selling in other countries, it will be very difficult to compete, so we need to develop a new model to compete in this segment and it takes time.

We have strong intentions to start this project, and it will depend on the decision making process, which includes creating a concept, selecting the engine capacity, type, model, etc. It will be 100 per cent made in India, otherwise it’s very difficult to compete from a cost-competitiveness point of view.

If Honda are really thinking to compete with Royal Enfield, Bajaj and KTM in higher capacity range especially 300-400 then the pricing will also be around same like those bike which will be around 2 – 2.5 lakhs INR which is approx. 6-7 lakhs in Nepal.