Nepal has just tasted the rush of 2017 model of CRF 250 with ABS, now Honda has announced 2018 CRF250. Last week, they released the teaser video of it.

There are too many dirt bike enthusiast  in Nepal and CRF is one of the best bike in the world world. The only thing here stops the bike to be more popular is its pricing. It costs around Rs. 10.5 lakhs which is alot of money.

The 2018 model will get a new engine which helps to achieve improved acceleration and drive. Honda revised the bore and stroke of the 249.4cc single, they also gave it a new crankshaft and improved internals throughout the entire engine.

This means the bike is more powerful and faster than before, with 9% more power overall. Honda claim the new model is 3% quicker from over the first 10 metres and 3.6% quicker to reach 30 metres – vital for getting the holeshot.

The new CRF250R also gets an electric starter motor as standard – replacing the kickstarter and making it easier to restart the machine after a crash or stall. The starter is powered by a lightweight lithium-ion battery, with the total weight gain to the engine increasing by just 1kg.

The bike also features selectable maps that allow the rider to select the most appropriate riding mode depending on the conditions or terrain with a standard, smooth and aggressive response.

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