TVS has stepped up into the business of electric bikes, it is in testing process of new electric scooter. The future of alternative source of energy is very important, and the Indian bike maker has thought and is about to make it to the reality. One of the challenge will be the price and the repairs. The looks is no different than other normal scooter.

Here is the camouflaged shot of the scooter and it looks very promising. It could gain a big market in Nepal if the pricing is right and the service, maintenance and charging stations are setup properly. TVS is already a very popular brand and they could maintain all these things.

The pricing will of course be little higher than petrol version but it will be worth the money because of several reasons:

  1. You should never stop at the petrol pump again.
  2. You would be saving alot of gas money.
  3. It is a environment friendly scooter.
  4. It uses alternative source of energy.
  5. If loadshedding problem will be solved then it can be the future of transportation; the electric  vehicles.

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