Best Travel Destinations Around Kathmandu For Bike Ride Chobar

We are always in need a getaway from the busy schedule and for refreshment. The weekend ride is being so popular among the bikers these days. We have come up with the best travel destinations around Kathmandu for the bike ride today and here is the list of five of the best places:

5. Chobar

Best Travel Destinations Around Kathmandu For Bike Ride Chobar

Chobar is one of the nearest and enjoyable bike ride destinations from Kathmandu. The curves and turns, the road conditions and the environment around there is perfect for short Saturday ride. You can visit the Manjushree park, go inside the cave there and the environment around there is really very refreshing.  The distance is just about 9 Km from Kathmandu to Chobar which takes half an hour approximately. So its easily one of the best travel destination for bike ride during the holidays.

4. Nagarkot

Best Travel Destinations Around Kathmandu For Bike Ride Chobar

Nagarkot is one of the best attraction around Kathmandu Valley, it is a famous tourist area and also a very famous for people for picnic and family, friends, gathering. The mountain view from there is so spectacular, it will ease your mind. For motorcycle rider, use the alternative way to go there, the road is really nice and adventurous. The view tower and the places around Nagarkot is very enjoyable.  The distance is about 25 km from Kathmandu to Nagarkot and will take 1.5 hours approximately. 

3. Dolalghat

Best Travel Destinations Around Kathmandu For Bike Ride Dolalghat

The distance from Kathmandu to Dolalghat is 58 km which will be a wonderful whole day ride. It will take about 2-2.5 hours to reach Dolalghat. The curves and turns are so nice, bikers group use to go there for weekend ride, especially to Sukete Beach. It is one of the nicest motorable roads for motorcycle riders in Nepal. The environment around Dolaghat is so refreshing and fish from there is very famous. You can even ride the boat there.

2. Markhu


Markhu is a new addition to weekend riders, it is being popular these days. There are two ways to get there; one from the dakshinkali road and another from Thankot. Both the roads are very enjoyable and adventurous.  The way around from Thankot is full offroad ride. Though the road is not so good but you will enjoy each second of your ride. Markhu is near Kulekhani Dam, you can ride boat around there, camp fire and spend time around Chitlang.

It will take around 3 hours to get there which is around 43 km distance travel from Kathmandu.

1. Sindhuli


The most popular and the most delightful travel destination from Kathmandu is Sindhuli. The picture above showing the sharp turns make it more amusing. Anybody who loves to travel on a motorcycle, it is a heaven for the motorcyclist. As Sindhuli’s road is also known for it a new beautiful road.

It is around 134 km from Kathmandu and will take around 4.5 hours.